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 Draw & plant trees

in the Amber Forest

Add your tree to our forest!

The Amber Tree project is a never-ending ever-growing drawing of a global forest, made up of tree drawings & photos from all over the world. For every tree drawing added to the forest, we plant a parallel real tree. Currently we are planting the parallel trees in Madagascar. Soon we will be planting trees in conservation land we are acquiring, in the Blackdown Hills, Somerset.  So you will be able to visit your own tree - AND draw the forest. We ask for a donation of your choice to add your tree drawing to the forest. Don't let this put you off, as a donation of zero is acceptable! - we can offset this. We want as many trees in the forest as possible. 

You are also invited to attend Amber Tree workshops, where we continue to draw the Amber Mother Tree, at the heart of the forest.

The Brew International Drawing School was created by Dr Angela Brew and Clare Brew in 2013, to provide drawing courses and resources.


Angela Brew runs workshops, retreats and events, exploring a wide range of drawing and related cognitive and perceptual processes, including observational drawing, visual literacy, drawing to solve problems, thinking through drawing, drawing to learn and professional development for educators.

Brew's doctoral research 'The Seeing Hand' explored the orchestration of eye and hand for observational drawing. She developed a new system for teaching observational drawing, focusing on eye and hand coordination and connection, and the fine tuning of perception. Her Drawing Growth workshops and retreats introduce this intuitive technique, opening doors to the joys and meditative qualities of observational drawing.  

Brew's research and publications


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Links to drawing projects:

Thinking through Drawing


We ALL Draw

Brew Drawing Circles

For individual or customised group lessons contact brewdrawing@gmail.com 


Draw Learn

Draw Learn is a collaborative project, run by Brew Drawing, to foster research into the power of drawing to

aid learning. 

Join the project, or

Find out more at: 


Thinking through 


International research and education network

Created in 2011 by 123 Draw: Drs Brew, Fava & Kantrowitz.

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Brew Drawing Circles is a global drawing collaboration. A group of 2-12 people share sketchbooks and send them around the world for their fellow Circle members to draw in and then send round the Circle, creating a visual conversation.  

Brew Drawing Circles 

£12 to join a collaborative circle

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or e mail brewdrawing@gmail.com


 Draw & plant trees

The Amber Tree Project
Matt's Everlasting Tree

You can join in drawing this tree with We ALL Draw, our global drawing group, who collaborate on drawing projects. E mail brewdrawing@gmail.com to join, and add your own section to the growing tree drawing.