online 35 minute workshop


Every Monday, 3pm UK, 5pm Finland, 10am New York 


We imagine ourselves as trees, animals, weather, and DRAW OUT our feelings and emotions, using drawing and visualisation to reflect and ground ourselves.

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Pixelache Helsinki, a transdisciplinary platform for emerging art, design, research and activism, has been supporting these Monday drawing sessions.

Pixelache is an association of artists, cultural producers, thinkers and activists involved in the creation of emerging cultural activities. Amongst their fields of interest are: experimental interaction and electronics, code-based art and culture, grassroot organising & networks, renewable energy production/use, participatory art, open-source cultures, bioarts and art-science culture, alternative economy cultures, politics and economics of media/technology, audiovisual culture, media literacy & ecology and engaging environmental issues.

The name of Pixelache was originally found in a Finnish article that predicted new words which we would need in the future. The word ‘pikseliähky' (translated into English as "pixelache") was supposed to describe the feeling that results from an overdose of digital media content. This overdose can happen easily if the content is too monotonous – which is the case if standards, formats, tools and design principles converge to a narrow set of options. Later interpretations focused more on the 'ache' of digital influence in everyday life, and an 'ache' to re-engage with non-digital interfaces and systems. Pixelache seeks to challenge mainstream standards and conventions, not only related to media and technology, but of contemporary society in general.


Open Call for Pixelache Festival in autumn 2021

MInDrawNHS - Give yourself a minute to make a daily drawing. info at

The Amber Tree Project

a never-ending drawing of a magical memorial tree  

Workshops in New York November 6-10th 2019

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Please read the safety information for participants before arriving at Highgate Wood.

In case of bad weather: If strong winds  and / or heavy rain are forecast the workshop will be cancelled, due to danger of falling branches. We will notify you at least 24 hours before the workshop. Please contact for a refund or to reserve your place on our next Singing and Drawing with Trees workshop (every second month in Highgate Wood).


Highgate Wood, Highgate, London

Led by artist Angie Brew & composer Sheena Phillips. 

We use the trees as an inspiration for both singing and drawing, in a mix of group and individual activities, including:

  • Deep listening and looking in the wood

  • Making music with a connection to trees

  • Drawing trees

Open to all, no expertise or experience needed. Beginners welcome.         

Under 16s and vulnerable adults must be accompanied by an adult.

Meeting point

Just before 2 pm, meet us by the Drinking  Fountain, a hundred yards or so up the path from the Cafe.  If  you are late, you will be able to hear and see us from the Fountain - in Centenary Circle, slightly west of the fountain.


lPlease contact if you have any problems registering here
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Being with Trees -

Listening, Singing & Drawing

'Tree dee dee dee dee' Christopher MacGregor

 'Original, alternative, mad and fun'.

Hazel T

STOP PRESS: SEND TREE DRAWINGS to For every AFAR tree drawing sent to us we will plant a tree in Madagascar in a Mangrove. IF you prefer not to draw a tree, we can draw it for you from a photo, and will still plant a Mangrove sapling for you.