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Singing And Drawing With Trees: Safety information for participants


1. Highgate Wood contains areas of uneven ground and mud, both on and off the paths. Paths are not gritted in snowy weather.  Be aware that there is a risk of tripping and falling and watch your step. Wear appropriate footwear. Keep an eye on children in your care.


2. Dress for the weather. You will be outside for most of three hours. If it’s cold and/or wet, wear warm and waterproof shoes and clothing and bring some high energy snacks and/or hot drinks.  If it’s very hot or sunny, dress to protect yourself from the sun, use sunscreen, and bring a bottle of water.


3. Watch out for dog faeces. A lot of people walk their dogs in Highgate Wood and not all dog excrement is cleared up. If you come into contact with dog faeces, go straight to the public toilets near the cafe and clean up with soap and water. You may also want to bring some toilet roll.  Wash your hands after the event and before eating or drinking.


4. Plant awareness. Do not pick or eat flowers, leaves, bark or berries. Do not snap twigs, leaves, pieces of bark or branches off trees or shrubs. Do not climb on - or stand under - trees that clearly have dead branches.


5. Insect awareness. Especially in warmer months, there is a risk of insect bites. If you have a severe allergic reaction to insect bites, bring an epipen (or, for less serious reactions, antihistamine or your usual antidote). Do not swat at insects.


6. Medical emergency. In case of medical emergency, inform Angie or Sheena immediately and they will contact the keeper on duty (07786 538932). Alternatively, use your own mobile phone to contact the keeper. The keeper will be able to advise on the quickest way to get first aid or other medical attention. The nearest hospital is The Whittington Hospital (Magdala Rd, London N19 5NF), about 1.5 miles from the SADWT venue.  


7. Fatigue. It can be tiring to be on one’s feet for several hours. Our events include a break during which you can go to the Pavilion Cafe but you might also want to bring a folding camp chair or something waterproof to sit on for a break from standing.


8. Disabled access. We have chosen a part of the Wood that is accessible by wheelchair. However, there are only two Blue Badge parking spaces inside the Wood (near the Pavilion Cafe) and they cannot be reserved. So, if you are coming with a wheelchair, please allow plenty of time to find parking on one of the neighbouring streets before you make your way to the event.

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