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Recent Tree Meds drawings #treemeds

Daphne: Tree growing from a seed

Daphne: left and right hand drawings of tree / feelings


Janis: left and right hand drawings of feelings

Janis: tree reading

Jen: 3 trees

Janis: tree reading

Abigail: Tree readings


What a lovely session!

I realised the second time that lying down changes my drawings. I like them better I think!


Thanks so much, it’s really amazing how your zooms work.  Feeling so much better.

I went from a very grumpy, short tempered gnarly old tree to a calm graceful weeping Willow!  First time of deviating from that same tree I’ve been doing throughout.  Although doing that one in the middle made me realise I AM generally purposeful regardless of the grumpy, fed up times.

Here are all three:

very grumpy, short tempered gnarly old tree

calm graceful weeping Willow!

Tree growing from seed.

My usual tree, today looking purposeful with strong root system and a distinction between above and below


Quietly drawing ellipses and tree nodes and roots, with both hands at the same time, lying on the floor


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