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Being Trees - April 17th 2020

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

This is The Amber Forest of trees, from last few Draw Together sessions. If you spot your tree here, please do share any notes you have about your tree, thoughts and feelings.

Helen wrote:

I’m getting so excited about building on the sessions and seeing how my drawings differ.  It’s not only got me a bit calmer and more connected to how I like to be (!) but also it’s inspired me to make a little space in my garage and start up my own art practice again.  

These drawings are from Monday.  I found my bird was soaring with a large wing span but later Sophie (nearly 3 yrs) added some shoes to the page.  Clearly trying to ground me!

Homework - being trees, birds and weather.

'Bird in a tree in weather' - homework from previous session:

Drawings from previous sessions:

The last 3 on here are Sophie’s drawings from Monday.  I love the last one.  She watched everyone on zoom and saw their pics and after the call she did that last one.  I got the sense that on seeing theirs (and mine and Lucy’s) she felt uninhibited or maybe proud to make her own. 

... my tree which showed me that I’m doing ‘big picture’ trees with very little attention to detail.  The session today (Friday) made me even more aware of that and had me itching to go and explore trees more closely to see the detail/get to know them.


Careful wise owls swooping through the night sky

The session:

We closed our eyes and tuned in to how we felt, and then drew the feeling.

Being Trees

Then we imagined ourselves as trees, and drew with eyes closed

Being trees - drawn with eyes open

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