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Tree Meds

We drew how we felt, and then imagined ourselves as seeds, in the process of growing, putting down a tap root, growing branches, buds, leaves, blossom and fruit. We then imagined sending messages to one another via fungi networks - Mycorrhizal underground hyphal networks. As homework, people drew weather, water and trees in weather.

Helen wrote:

I’m really finding these twice weekly sessions give me a drawing/creative goal and have inspired me with other creative ideas. It's sort of got me started with some flow again after the massive changes in daily life that came with covid.  Easy to reflect now (and within the sessions) and recognise the stress that’s come into people’s lives with all this. Sophie [Helen's daughter] really enjoys dipping in and out of zoom and I love collaborating with her too in this.  I’m making a book for all our drawings.  

What I’m really enjoying now is seeing the progression each week in my thoughts/drawings and also feeling a sense of getting to know others on the call through their drawings and the words.  It’s such a lovely group, thanks for leading it!

I’m getting so excited about building on the sessions and seeing how my drawings differ.  It’s not only got me a bit calmer and more connected to how I like to be (!) but also it’s inspired me to make a little space in my garage and start up my own art practice again.  

Tree with shadow 



Sophie’s ‘chocolate’

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